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Providing end-to-end manufacturing services across a range of key industries in the UK

Established in 2000, we have a proud history in manufacturing and have built a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Our long-established cabinet making manufacturing facility and production line service ensures consistency and quality in supplying contract furniture to customers operating in a variety of industries including gaming & amusementsretail & leisure and office interiors. Our 45,000 sq.ft manufacturing and storage facility provides capacity for both bespoke small run prototypes to large quantity production runs.

We service the UK with regular transport routes, using our own transport along with our transport partners. Our USP is that we offer our customers a full manufacturing service, from the design stage, through to machining, product assembly, quality control and packaging and transportation.

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RDD Services

Explore our service areas, from bespoke manufacturing, to cabinet making and contract furniture.


We have a proud history of diverse manufacturing across a range of business sectors.

Industry Experience

Our highly-skilled and experienced workforce bring a wealth of development knowledge at all stages of the product life cycle.

Refined Processes

Our successful track record across a range of industries has enabled us to refine techniques in product design and development.

Quality Assurance

Our quality checking process and rigorous testing procedures ensure high standards are maintained throughout manufacture.

Operational Scale

Re-investment in our manufacturing facility has increased our capacity and capability to deliver both large-scale projects and bespoke services.


Our expert design team are highly experienced in planning layouts that maximise the potential of service areas in catering, hospitality, retail and commercial spaces.

Sustainable Manufacturing

“We are committed to sustainability in manufacturing and recognise our responsibility to environmental impact. This ethos is applied at all stages throughout our operation, from materials sourcing to carbon output and we work closely with experts to ensure we are following the best practices where possible.”